Friday, October 1, 2010

What I've Been Up To.

I am still waiting on my glaze firing which will probably be loaded today, unfortunatly I won't be able to pick it up until early next week. In the mean time, here are some more greenware photos. I've been trying to keep busy while I wait for over 20 pieces to finally be done. I haven't had much luck on the wheel lately for some reason. I think I make myself seem to have more on my plate than I really do which causes me to stress and anyone who is a potter knows you need patience and a clear head while you throw. So lately I have been keeping to small things that are easy for me to throw. Hopefully I can get those finished peices up next week.

 For the 4 bowls in the front of the picture, I think I might make them into rice or curry bowls with a splashy floral print and sell them with some wooden chopsticks. The small bubbly vase has a crooked neck and I decided I liked it that way and didn't fix it. The small candle sticks were both made from 2 pieces that were assembled later. I have a lot of lids that ended up not fitting other pieces, so the urn style pot in the back has a fully dried lid that I had sitting around.

This is not a set, I just thought they seemed good together for the picture. the sugar and creamer are a set and the lid is another one that had a second chance from an earlier project. I hate, hate, hate making handles. So it works out that I either buy the kind you can attach or if possible don't apply one to a vessel at all. This cane handle will be assambled with the piece after its last firing of course. It took me a while to get the hang of these bamboo and cane handles. you have to hold them over boiling water so the steam lets them become pliable and then they will dry after you put on the pot and close the clasps. I got the idea of not having handles on small vessels from my sister who said she had seen a creamer with no handle while out to eat. It makes sense since they are so small. The lid on the sugar bowl was actually intended to fit the teapot which were both made a few months ago. the sugar bowl and new teapot lid were thrown this week.

I think next week I will be busy taking pictures of my finished pieces and I might try my hand at hand building which I haven't done since highschool, but I was pretty good. I should go clean up all the chalky marks I left all over the dining room table when I took these pictures.

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