Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Movie Inspiration That is Perfect for Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Its too bad it is always too short! Perfect weather, pretty colors, hot apple cider. Love it! I cannot wait for the corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards (you're never to old for that stuff). At twenty four its no longer appropriate to go trick or treating around the neighborhood in the early evening when the sky is orange and the candy is flowing. This post is about Practical Magic (1998) starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The movie is great. Its about two sisters and their love for one another, but better yet its about magic and them being witches. If you haven't seen this, go watch it. Ever since I first saw it as a young teeny bopper I wanted to grow my hair long, dress in thick knitted sweaters, live in that house, and of course be a witch. The colors are all fairly dull autumn like colors, but the beiges, pea greens, plums, and burnt orange colors work very well.

I had to add the photo on of the house on the top, because it is perfectly creepy for fall, and with both pictures you get two angles. The house was filmed in these exact ways. It was either dark and mysterious or white and perfect. You can see in the top photo that it was on a cliff side by the sea.

This was their parlor near the entryway. I love the dark broad floor boards and wood paneling. It looks great with the cream wall contrast. The warm lighting sets a great mood for these old fashioned witches. Being very interested in the needle arts I think, the spindle, loom, and shelf full of yarn and string are great!

Here is the kitchen. Again, digging the cream walls and dark wood. the movie's set is so simple and still incredibly appealing. Large spaces filled with large simple furniture and very simple color palette.

This is their green house and its so pretty! You know they have eye of newt and all that good stuff stocked up in here next to their Chia pets and basil. Lots of pots, candles and glass ware.

Can't get enough of this movie! The characters are great too. Stockard Channing plays a fun loving aunt (a witch) and brings her nieces up to not worry about the norm and to dress and eat as they please. The movie has great juxtaposition of good and bad that ties in with the decorating, lighting, and their wardrobes. Of course they have a black cat.

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