Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Custom Order

So I have gotten my first custom order from a friend of mine. She wants something for her coffee table in her living room. she wants a pillar candle holder that is cappuccino or coffee color and short enough to not get in her tv view. First I thought there was not much variation that can be done on a wheel when it comes to cylindrical shapes. then I got some good ideas from Google and  I put up my favorite for her below.
Simple and pretty!

I also found a few shallow slump shallow plate like holders that are super easy to make and won't break her budget if she wants two or three in different heights. They have a very oriental look to them and can be decorated lots of ways.

I'm going to send her a few links along with some sketches I made. I also found a cool modern candle holder that I think I might make for my shop. The bottom tray can easily be made with a slab and so can the holders. I like this design, but I'm not really crazy about this particular style.

I am thinking white platform, with  colored cylinders with their inside also painted white. the platform will also have circle impressions so the candle holder will fit in their nook. The cylinder candle holders will have cut out holes in patterns that match and all three will be made at different heights (like the one shown). I need to get to work on that slab roller.

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