Monday, January 24, 2011

Handmade Valentines Day!

I haven't even begun to think about Valentines day, but brainstorming for a blog post it came up.  With a little over three weeks away, it is perfect timing for shipping and handling when ordering online.  I usually make gifts for my sweetie whether its a painting, photography, or other kinds of artwork. However I know that most of us don't have much time or the creativity to make something by hand. This post is full of handpicked items that are handmade from Etsy. It can be called a gift guide, but really some of the stuff are just nice to buy for yourself if you are getting the warm fuzzy feeling of reds, pinks, and sweets around the beginning of February. Basically of valentine themed things that I really like. The link is listed below the picture.

These cards are super cute! The shop is called Flapper Doodle. All the prints and other paper goods are doodles of these little flappers. Her other acsessories are just as cute as the Valentines day features.

They're a crap ton of handmade soaps and body stuff on Etsy, so here are a few I thought were appropriate for the holiday. Warning: some look really tasty, but are not edible! They are such clever ideas, I love them.

These next goodies are perfect to give as gifts or buy for yourself. The jewelry has very reasonable pricing for very stylish buys. The wood blocks are great for a coffee table or for a kids room. The baby hat is just so frickn adorable, I had to list it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Long Time No See!!

Been crazy busy about getting some new things in a store nearby which I will share the details about later. I have been researching a lot about consignment shops and all the ins and outs about that stuff. I am placing a few things in a shop nearby and have already checked out the place knowing that they will probably sell due to the location and feel of the shop. I have made a few new things that I have stocked my Etsy shop with. For the most part they are semi mod looking pieces. A few things came out that I have to reglaze and also some bisque pieces that need glazing. I will probably get those back this Friday. Take a peek at some of these guys.

I am pleased with how these came out, especially the yellow lemon drop one. The yellow one has a great shape and feels good in your hands. At first I didn't like the orange one, but then I think the grooves in it gave it good character and a nice ripple shape. To see more photos of these two click here

The top orange swirl pot caused me some problems. Originally, I loved the shape as bisqueware and couldn't wait to see it all finished. After I glazed it, I almost didn't post it. I thought it was a "not so great" looking piece. then a friend and some family members said it was their favorite out of the bunch. So I gave the pot a chance and it grew on me. The bottom picture of the sea green pot is actually an older pot, but I just realized how much some pretty props really make a pot pop (try saying that five times fast). So I just wanted to share this pretty picture.

If you regularly look at my blog, then you probably remember the these pieces start to finish and that the latest update was their trip to Germany as a gift to my sister. She was nice enough to send me some pretty photos of them in action. They look great! She loves them too. Looking at these make me want another coffee.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Reclaimed Goodies From Etsy

Okay, so finally the holidays are over and now its back to work. I am in the middle of cleaning my studio and since I have given myself a little Christmas break, I don't have much to share. I will next week probably. What I did want to share was some really cool stuff that I have really been wanting to splurge on myself when I was shopping for gifts before Christmas. All this stuff is made from reclaimed materials. The people who manufacture them will definitely have good karma for recycling!

To start, this is probably one of my favorite shops when it comes to reclaimed jewelry. Can this girl be any more creative? Love them all! This store's prices range from $10 to over $150. The link to her shop is here if you would like to see what else is in store.

This next shop has notebooks. A lot of them. There are a large variety of them to choose from. Most are reclaimed children books filled with new paper. The book covers are pretty and vintage. They also have other kinds of recyled made things like pillow covers and frames. Click here to view the shop

There are so many nice shops that I can look in for hours, but here are a few more pieces that I love. I will put the shop website under the photos. These are a few house ware items that I think are beautiful, original, and creative pieces.