Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally Have Some Finished Pieces

This is just a quick update, because I will have some more pieces this Thursday. I just wanted to share a finished piece that people were eager to see (so was I!). Unfortunalty I got a few more pieces today that need some touch ups. So they won't be posted utnil next week. This blue one came out nice, but needs a touch up on the back. I love these color together. Oh yeah, and I fixed the small red bud vases. They look much better now.

This is the pot that was a lot of fun making and I couldn't wait to see finished. The one below is a little lace detailed pot that I got out today as well.

Other than that I have a full night of glazing ahead of me and touch ups. I just got done posting these and other new pots to my shop http://www.lizetpotterystudio.etsy.com/ and just sent my first submission to one of my favorite blogs! Can't wait to hear back from them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More to Be Done!

Calling for a celebration: picked up my kiln this past weekend! It was very exciting and it was such a good deal. The next step is cleaning the garage (this is no easy feat, considering it is packed with stuff that isn't mine) and then getting the electrical hookup. The kiln is a monster. It is an old Crusader kiln with no kiln sitter. I will be doing a lot of cone watching for a while. I can fit inside of it myself and will probably only need to fire every few weeks.

Getting my new-old kiln, I have spending a lot of time glazing. I realize I can benefit greatly from taking time to sketch before it is time to glaze a ton of pots. I always sit down with only a few a good ideas and sometimes ruin pots due to lack of planning and creativity. Here are few I have recently finished and will be fired soon. 

The fish bowl was inspired by an art neuvo painting called 'Carps amongst the Lillies'. I have also had problems with glazes not covering well. I had about five pots that needed to be reglazed and refired before I can post them . Hopefully I can get them next Monday.

These are a few of the pots that came out nice and some that had to be reglazed. It might be hard to see, but the red ones came out kind of cloudy and splotchy. See more at www.lizetpotterystudio.etsy.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

What I Have Been Up To

Other than making some more of my chevron bud vases and bottles, I have been working hard on some new things. During vacation in France a few years ago, I noticed that we were often served white wine in small ceramic pitchers. This isn't so common in the states, but it makes sense. It keeps your chilled white wine very cold. The ones I have been making have no handles. This is one that is in the process of being glazed with a very random pattern of Chrome green glaze. I will finish it tonight.

I think I will do a few bud vases in a similar pattern. Here are few other pieces I have been working on. I made a few more like the one that has a curly lid. The other ones are going to be planters and are difficult to describe, so you will have to see pictures later.