Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Bisque ware "Before" Pictures and Updates

Of course I have been on the wheel and not just playing around with my sketchbook project. I finally took some pictures of some of my newest pieces that have yet to be fired. I also plan to take some "after pictures" from the last bisque ware updates that will be glazed fired this week hopefully. Lately in my studio I have been trying to perfect making slightly larger/taller pieces than I am used to by combining two smaller pieces together. I love the look of long bottle necks, so I make the body or belly of the pot first and needle trim the rim convexly. Then I make the top and neck of the vessel much like when I make a teapot spout (but longer) and then trim the bottom conversely to the bottom rim so that they will fit easily together. After they dry a bit overnight and I trim the bottom piece's foot, I score the edges with slip and kind of re-throw the pieces in a much more dry way using my rib tool.

Large pitcher and olive oil decanter.
 You can probably see or guess where the two thrown pieces meet. The one on the left is split between where the curve starts and the simple cylinder form ends. On the right the tall cylinder with the spout is all one piece and the handle was pulled and attached later. The olive oil spout accessory was bought from a wholesalers site:

Here are two other vases that I made with the same method. There are some slight grooves and lines that I couldn't get out, but I'm sure the glaze will fill them in later. These two are a little harder to tell where the attachment is than the first two. If you noticed the bottom of the one on the left compared to the right you can tell it has not yet been trimmed in any way.

Honey pots!
Other than the two-piece tall pots and vases, I have been trying to use the rest of my ceramic accessories, like my honey sticks. The honey pots are about four inches tall and have a small notch cut out for the honey dipper to sit in. I wasn't planning on making such plain lids, but they fit in my hand perfectly after I trimmed them like hockey pucks. So I kept them this way and decided they have a nice modern-chic look to them after I add a nice design. I still have chopsticks, more olive oil spouts, and teapot handles to make pieces for. I will probably spend most of my time on the wheel making more mugs and teacups today.

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  1. Cool can't wait to see them in their finished state!