Monday, October 25, 2010

What I have been pondering.

So I have spent this past weekend at a Halloween party, at the local apple orchard, and carving pumpkins. It is safe to say that fall is my favorite time of year. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday when I was a child, but now I have decided that the fall season has plenty of magic within itself to be my favorite time of year. Where I am there is an Indian summer going on right now and we haven't yet had that chilly frost bite indicating winter creeping along the edges of this bright blue-gray sky. At the orchard this weekend were plenty of cinnamon scented candles in the barn/gift shop/cafe as well as Christmas center pieces and stockings. This was a wake up call to me (and probably many crafters, hobbyists, and artists alike who like to make their own gifts) to get started on Christmas ideas! For anyone who also sells their pieces, might already know the overwhelming success of Christmas shopping, but this is my first time. Here are a few things that have inspired me for my upcoming etsy shop collection that I want to bulk up for the holiday season.

Designed by Louise Christ it's made of brushed aluminum and stands 10.1" high and 5.3" wide. $54
Sculpted Jewelry Catchall from
Ona Pitchers from Crate and Barrel
The jewelry trees would have to be hand built for the most part. I like these trees, because they are abstract and not realistic. I haven't found any ceramic cut-out pitchers like these glass ones, but they can be done. If anyone watches Simon Leach on youtube, they know it can be done. It just might take a few tries.

These next ideas are some Christmas gift ideas that I have for family and/or friends. If you have read my earlier blogs you know that I am a knitter and they are great gifts when its cold out. This cowl neck is so cool. It looks great with a coat or to keep on indoors too.
Pattern and Cowl made by Julianne Smith Click here for more info and free pattern
Holiday Mice by Barbara Prime
The Mice won't be a gift, but they are really cute and can't wait to make them! Getting started on some mittens tonight.


  1. I like the tree with the birdy and the pitcher with a hole in it! Why won't the mice be Christmas gifts?

  2. Oh my gosh, those mice are SO cute!!! I want one!