Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Greenware and a Few Finished Pieces

It has been a while since I last posted, but I have been spending a lot more time in my studio lately. I need to balance things better between working online (blog and etsy) and working on my products. Both can be incredibly draining and after spending hours doing one, you sometimes never find the time or energy to to the other. I have been working on repeat throwing. I have yet to reach my goal of twenty products per hour, but I have accomplished making one product identical on repeat even if it is not twenty an hour. My faceted mugs are now somehow imprinted in my brain as far as height and width which really speeds up my production of them. Since I have accomplished that, I am moving on to identical repeat throwing bowls now which is a lot more complicated, because there can be so many shapes and depths.

I haven't taken pictures of everything I have been making, but I do have some jars and plenty of bowls that I have made. After hours of sitting hunched over concentrating on repeat throwing I like to take a few lumps of clay and free throwing. It helps me unwind and have fun if my throwing earlier was a disappointment or if I'm just sick of making mugs, jars, and bowls. Here are a few vases I had lot of fun making in different shapes and sizes. There are more that I have that were to wet to move. The ones pictured here are not trimmed.

Here are a few glossy pretty pieces that I am still not sure about selling. The green teapot still needs some filing on the bottom from glaze dripping. After tomorrow I will fix it and hopefully get it photographed and posted.

These bowls were simple and easy to throw and took a long time to finish the detailed glaze. I was very disappointed when I got them from the kiln. They did not come out as I was hoping and two of them have a slight orange tint on one side from the kiln. Tonight I will be working on repeat throwing bowls and getting them to look identical. As hard and frustrating as it can be practice really makes perfect.

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