Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Have Been Meaning to Show You.

In my last post I brought up my little bud vases. I just got one out of the kiln today and I am pretty happy with it. There are still a few more waiting to be glazed. I just need to find some nice patterns that will inspire me. I often look at decorating books that have nice textiles and mix and match pieces that will look good in my bright glazes. Robert, the owner of The Blue Pear where I have some of my things, told me to check out the Anthropologie website for good inspiration. Thats exactly what it is time for, GOOD INSPIRATION! I always perform best when I window shop around and can't wait to see what my ideas throw together and how they all turn out. 

Above is my first finished lace piece, and although I wish some of the orange came out more saturated, I like it lot. Below is the same piece with another blue one that needs a clear coat. Most people like the blue more so far. I use my wheel to make simple rings around  the piece, the rest is just a very steady hand. 

This last picture are a very small pieces that I want to do the same thing too or something similarly intricate.
Besides a lace design, I was thinking small chevron patterns. We will see.

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