Monday, April 25, 2011

Sex and the City Loves Lizet Pottery

Howdy everyone. Okay so got kinda bored and came up with a fun idea. Maybe I can make it a monthly thing where I get cool Etsy finds and superimpose them into familiar and pretty sets. For the first time, I put my pottery into Carrie's, Samantha's, Charlotte's, and Miranda's New York apartments. I think they look pretty good. Too bad the show is over, they could have really spruced up their pads. 

This is Samantha Jones' kitchen. This one was my favorite to play with. Out of all the kitchens, hers was the most memorable with its bright lighting and colors. My pots fit right in. If you can't tell, I used three pieces in this room.

Of course most of you recognize Carrie's entryway. It was hard to put my pots in her place. For one thing her rooms are already so cluttered (how quirky and lovable! Not! ) and her kitchen is fugly. Thats okay, she is my least favorite of the bunch anyways. Four pieces were used in this room.

Charlottes place is adorable, but not really a great match for my pots. there was also a lack of good photos available for me to use. So I added a tiny splash of color to her beige room and an onion bulb vase. Two pieces in this room.

I really like Miranda's place, but like most of the girls, she lacks a lot of bold color. I had a hard time finding good pieces for her living room. There are four pieces in here.


  1. what a great idea! I would love to see something in Roseannes house! LOL Not that Roseanne would have something so nice like one of your pieces in her junky house!