Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Yeah I know that I haven't wrote anything in quite a while. So sorry to my 8 followers! Haha! Oh yeah, and I haven't been anywhere in case you were wondering with my title and all. I've just been making some pots, glazing, and oh yeah that nice globe sized pot in the previous post exploded in the kiln! That one along with another very nice large pitcher. I'm not very sure why, but they were my fist large pots. I think they weren't fully dry. Oh wait, come to think of it I was someplace. Last Friday I was part of an artist walk and had my stuff set up in a nice little store called The Blue Pear. It turned out pretty well and I left some of my pots there in the store too. I was pretty busy getting ready for that with bags and inventory and packaging 30 pots to go to their show.

So here are few pots that are ready to get fired. I am pretty nervous about the two larger ones, because of what happened to my other big ones. I will keep my fingers crossed. The teapot will not get its bamboo handle until after it's second firing. I like the way it turned out, it looks like Aladdin's lamp kinda.

I have also been working on tapering bottle necks. They take me a long time to make, so I want to get my technique down so I can make them a lot faster. Below are 2 bottles that I have modified. One is carved to look like wood and the other was squared. the squared one reminds me of I dream of Jeanie lamp...but square. I can't wait to get these babies glazed!

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