Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little of This, Little of That

I have been busy with a very good task I have been working on, which I will post the details on later. I have been making many many small candle holders. I mean assembly line type of work here. I try to make as many as possible and will show you my little army of small simple candle holders when I get them out on Monday. Some glazed and some yet to be. Yesterday I took a lot (I wish I would have counted, maybe like 30 pieces) to the kiln, so what I have to share today are a few older pieces that you may have seen as bisque ware in my previous posts.
Here are two pieces that I have complete that will be dry and ready to fire next Monday. I wanted to try and make a teapot that wasn't round and had an attached handle. The smaller vase below it has a new texture that I discovered. It looks like a steel drum. I can't wait to use it some more and see how it looks once it's glazed.

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