Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I don't have much to say, I have been very busy (like most of you) with this holiday season. I have been busy with custom orders, regular orders, and pickups. I like it, but it made me a nervous wreck. I also had five knit gifts I wanted to get done. I have only completed one. It was a cowl neck that was opened early so that my sister can keep warm during her visit in Germany while visiting our other sister for the holidays. She loved it! Two others are still being worked! My mother's infinity scarf is about half way done and only one of my sisters sock is (almost) done! I need to get to work! The other two I had planned...I gave up. I bought those people gifts. Here are a few things I have sold over the holidays. Some I had for so long or really liked, I was sad to see them go. Here I have listed all my custom orders.

All of these are the custom orders. The first ones listed are a custom order for a friend in Germany and the last ones (the set of four cups) are for my sister and her husband as a Christmas gift. The cobalt blue ones were purchased for a friend in Indianapolis, and the white vase is for a family friend. If you would like to see others that have left my shop this Christmas season, check out my sold items in my Etsy shop

Here are a few things that I have recently listed. I was very excited to use those crackle and crystal glazes I ordered, but they didn't come out as expected.The crackle ones are okay, but the crystal ones look like barf.

A close up of the sea green crackle glaze.

This last lidded pot was featured on Etsy's front page! I was very excited about that. You may remember these pots from previous posts where I have pictured them as bisque or greenware. It will be a while before I get any new greenware or finished pieces up.  Have very Happy Holidays!!!

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