Monday, January 3, 2011

Reclaimed Goodies From Etsy

Okay, so finally the holidays are over and now its back to work. I am in the middle of cleaning my studio and since I have given myself a little Christmas break, I don't have much to share. I will next week probably. What I did want to share was some really cool stuff that I have really been wanting to splurge on myself when I was shopping for gifts before Christmas. All this stuff is made from reclaimed materials. The people who manufacture them will definitely have good karma for recycling!

To start, this is probably one of my favorite shops when it comes to reclaimed jewelry. Can this girl be any more creative? Love them all! This store's prices range from $10 to over $150. The link to her shop is here if you would like to see what else is in store.

This next shop has notebooks. A lot of them. There are a large variety of them to choose from. Most are reclaimed children books filled with new paper. The book covers are pretty and vintage. They also have other kinds of recyled made things like pillow covers and frames. Click here to view the shop

There are so many nice shops that I can look in for hours, but here are a few more pieces that I love. I will put the shop website under the photos. These are a few house ware items that I think are beautiful, original, and creative pieces.

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