Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Orders and Such

Okay, so I was ready for the crazy wave of holiday shoppers in November, but they didn't come. They are here now! Crazy procrastinators, gotta love them, especially since I am one of them! So last minute I get orders. They came at just the right moment too! Thank God! If anymore come in, I don't think they will make it in the kiln on time. So here is what I have gotten from the kiln today after class. Oh yeah, and speaking of class...I have a child prodigy on the wheel! He's not really one of my students, he just came in one day (without a lesson mind you) and decided he wanted to throw! Now, he weasels his way out of his other classes to come to mine. He's very good. I can't wait to see what else he makes.

The two larger came out today, the smallest one is from a while back and has been in my shop a while. The medium size one is for a family friend and the tallest *MEGA SPOILER ALERT!!!!* is for my sister...sorry if you already saw this picture before you got it! They weren't supposed to go together, but now that I put them together, I feel horrible splitting them up! They look like they belong together. Looks like I will have to make more to complete the set. 

A co-worker of my sisters ordered some things (bye bye turquoise jewelry box and blue bud vase) and suggested I make small tea light candle holders. I thought sets would be best, so here are my first set. Thanks for the idea Melinda. They are each about three inches tall. and I used a single hole cutter to carefully make these shapes.

Not sure which color to make these little gems. Other than this and that, I have purchased some crackle glazes that will come out Monday along with a few more custom order pieces. I also have a new crystallized glaze, which I am very excited and curious to see come out. 

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