Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Want To Know What I Have Been Up To?

First of all I want to say sorry for all of the background changes, I still don't know what I want!
I have been very busy since I got back over twenty pieces from a firing. I have been busy (and still not done!) glazing all of the bisque ware pieces (bisque ware is when a pot has only been fired once and ready for glaze and will be fired again). I have been so busy with this that I haven't even been able to throw on the wheel for about five days! when I go without throwing so long I feel like it takes me a while to get my groove back (like Stella). Hopefully I will get on the wheel tonight and get at least a few pieces done after dindin. Below are some pictures of the bisque ware I fired before they were glazed. The photos are of some candle holders I made with two different size whole cutters. They are a real pain to glaze if you brush on three coats like I do. The wholes never get fully coated and I don't want white spots ya know?! These holders are what are causing me to take so long to finish glazing this batch.

I use white earthenware and have yet to play around with terracotta. I guess I like how this clay seems more like a white canvas, giving me more opportunity to around with all kinds of colors. Maybe sometime soon when I run out of my white clay, I will have to experiment with red clays. Below area few finished products that I have either given away or sold. I am in a major blue phase right now. I notice I always gravitate to the blues and love the way they look with white (have you read the Ming Dynasty Treasures post?). I am not too fond of super earthy colors like grainy browns and beige's. I will always go for bold or chic plain colors.
Love the cobalt blue with my pretty pink roses. They look like they are made out of frosting and belong on a cake!

My faceted cups that have become a favorite and are now part of my regular product list.
Pot bellied bumble bee bowl.

I will have a lot more finished pieces after Thursday or Friday this week! I will put up "after" photos of  those candle holders and much more.

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  1. Love love love your new stuff! I get first dibs.