Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Mega Duds!

Hi people! I have had the worst creative rut ever. Last night I finally got back in to my painting groove. I can't say that I have really made as much progress in my throwing routine, but I'm getting there. I'm not having a problem on the wheel as far as being able to make stuff, its just that I don't know what to make lately. It hasn't helped that I have recently had some real duds come out of the kiln. It can make you feel like real crap when you invested material (a lot of it!) and time into some pieces (especially if they are custom orders!) and they don't come out anywhere close to what you envisioned. These bowls below had an accident in the kiln and did not come out as planned. The pretty blue turned out like ugly bruises. There are four of these fairly sizable bowls and they are all crappy nasty bruises! Oh yeah, and they are supposed to look warped. I squished them once I pulled them off of the wheel.

This one was a very pretty teapot that I loved. Then I had this idea for a geometric pattern and I don't hate it, but I definitely don't love it. I may still post it in my store. I still have to put on the cane handle. The glazing took about two hours!

Don't even ask me why I chose Barney colors.
Today I have class to teach and a few red clay pieces coming out of the kin as bisque. I'm going to see if I can glaze them in time for the glaze firing tonight. Never completed a terracotta piece so I am excited to see them all done. One is a teapot! Other than that, I have been on a 12 oz bottle making craze lately and these are some I am having dry.

Here are a few pieces that I worked on last night. Right after my Mexico trip I had a love affair with the art of bowl throwing. I just couldn't stop. There are just so many shapes to make so I experimented with different types. So here are some I stayed up to glaze. Sometimes you just get a really good idea and don't care how long or meticulous the work will be. Thats what happened with these bowls last night. The one on the left is going to turn out dark blue and white and its hard to see the sharp pointy flower I painted in the bottom of it. The one on the right is coming out orange and white and I really like the way it looks.

And last are the set of bowls I recently added to my shop. They also have that warped edge look. The process is so slow lately I just want to restock my shop already! I am such an impatient potter which any potter or hand builder knows is really kind of a contradiction isn't it?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the mega rut! I have had some disappointments in the bottom of my kiln to...I think I am going to plant cactus's in them...

    Pottery is so humbling...isn't it...

    Hang in there, and keep making stuff!