Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Goods!

Okay so now that the weather is getting cold, you can imagine my dungeon like studio in my drippy basement is like a frozen tundra. So I really really hate working down there! I often feel like when I have to get a lot of glazing done I have good ideas for throwing and get good ideas for glazing when I have nothing to glaze and should go on the wheel. Whats a potter to do?! So anyways I have gotten some goods from the kiln earlier today that I just posted today. Here they are!

Okay well since I use geometry when making these pots, they make cool patterns from the top too.


I had a hard time deciding whether or not the blue one was fish scales or scalloped pattern. Maybe scalloped is only with edges and potatoes, so I listed it as fish scales. I also took my photos differently this time. I used a piece of white paper to make it seem seamless in the back. To see more check out my shop. Here are a few mores pieces that I posted last week too.

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  1. Those turned out Awesome!! You must be so excited!!! Congratulations!