Monday, September 26, 2011

Etsy Halloween Finds

I am absolutely crazy about fall. I love pulling out sweaters and the Halloween smell in the air. Since I have been completely uninspired up until last week, I have nothing of my work to really share. I just started getting on the ball with restocking my store and finding my rhythm again and my new students are great. I have to say, I believe my teaching skills are getting better with each group and I am very proud and often impressed with my students! Each group makes things batter and faster than the last. It gives me hope that maybe one day I can give my own classes in my own studio. So anyways, I am letting the Halloween spirit take over this post until I get more things out of the kiln. I found some of the coolest stuff on Esty for handmade Halloween goodies. I have the link to the shop underneath the photo. Take a peek!

Check out this awesome looking soaps! I really love them. There are all kinds if you look it up. There are also lots of body lotions, candles, candies, and cookies.

These are some handmade tags for parties or gifts. They are too cute! There are all kinds of paper goods for the season. Below are a few other pretty handmade things that really get me feeling the season. I could not get enough of these paintings and that pumpkin man, just might have to be mine!

I am absolutely nuts about everything fall, so I am sure you will hear and see more about me and my fall-ness and doings. Can't wait to carve pumpkins and its not even October!