Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am leaving on vacation very soon and I am so excited! Before I go however, I have some custom orders that need to come out of the kiln, posted on etsy, purchased, and sent to the post office. Lets hope it all goes well, because if they are not buying their pot before 5pm (when the post office closes) they might not get for another three weeks!!! Talk about last minute! It was this blasted kiln schedule I swear! Anyways, besides that, I am really looking forward to my trip. My sister and brother in law are coming from Germany to meet us at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we found a nice place to rent. After our stay at the beach we will be visiting family in Guadalajara. I have declared that this trip will be all about food and how much of it I can stuff down my gullet.

the top picture is of a huge monster torta which I will be eating a lot of and the bottom one is coke light which I will also be consuming in extremely large quantities. It tastes much better than diet coke...not sure why and they come in glass bottles which is always better than plastic. I plan on making a food journal and maybe posting it all on Tumblr when I get back. I will be sure to share some photos with you guys too!


  1. Very fun to have some sales..I hope the kiln schedule and the post office are cooperative...Have a great vacation!! and say Hi when you get back :)

  2. Ooh I just saw the black bowl with white spots....very pretty!...are your complex designs made with glaze painting...or scraffigto? they are so beautiful...I also like the design that looks is black and white with the angular pieces painted... lovely :)