Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello! I am back from my very fun vacation in Mexico. Now, I know I had mentioned something about a food blog, but it just didn't happen. Besides days of being sick and eating nothing more than a few saltines, I often forgot my camera. However, I will share what I did happen to get photos of. The big problem with traveling and everyone having their own camera: you often leave it at home so you don't weigh your purse down and leave the picture taking to one or two people! I had so much fun in Puerto Vallarta, but I think the best part was spent with my family down there. I hadn't been there in over five years and had a lot of catching up to do. Here are some pictures of where we rented out house.

There were iguanas and small lizards everywhere! I caught this one walking past the pool. I did happen to get in a few photos of the food that I was so passionate about eating.

This was probably my favorite and most simple meal of the whole trip. They are tacos al pastor sold in the down town area. You can get these anywhere in Mexico and they are so damn good! I had five and felt embarrassed to order more. These pics below are of a cook out we had at the beach house. We bought a very fresh whole red snapper, some shrimps, and some tuna steaks. The tuna was my favorite. The spread we had on the table was beautiful. My family made plenty of salsa and cactus for the meal. Check out those beautiful bowls that we used from the kitchen. The kitchen had a huge collection of handmade pottery to dine on.

Sadly the whole trip seems like a dream now that I am back. I have spent most of the day e-mailing people and resetting my etsy shop and taking photos of a few pieces. Can't wait to go back!


  1. Looks like a great time~! Welcome Back!

  2. Cool photos Lizet! They make me hungry yum!
    love you