Monday, July 11, 2011

Been So Long!

Hello there! I know I haven't posted in so long. It has a little to do with summer fever, vacation planning, and mostly to do with the fact that I have little access to a kiln. I still haven't gotten around to getting my kiln hooked up (surprise, surprise!), and I have only a few chances to get my pots into the school kiln since school is out. Some good news is that a United Arts store has opened up near by and I no longer have to make my boyfriend take me downtown Chicago and circle the block while I haul out 150 lbs of clay. Here are some new things you will find in my shop.

In that last one with the mugs, I actually made two originally and just got around to fixing up the second one to complete the set. I have also been working on some custom orders that should be ready at the beginning of next week. Here is a simple photo of some custom bisqueware (sugar and creamer and a honey pot) I have to get glazed tonight. 

Also before I go, a little something exciting to add. Danielle Oakey Interiors Blog featured me last week. The blog is great! If you like good interior design and decorating blogs, check her out.


  1. What kind of kiln did you get? It took me a while to get my envirovent hooked up...are you setting it up outside ?

    Congratulations on the blog feature! I want to do blog features someday...but I can't keep up with my to do list as it is ...:)

  2. Those mugs are adorable! I love the colour combination you went with. I wish I drank coffee again...but I do drink me some tea....hmmm....