Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Goodies Out of The Kiln

Just wanted to update on a few new pots I posted today in my shop. Of course I have one thing to fix. A large bowl I made came out with small grits on the bottom that need to be filed off and re-glazed. Got a whole lot of blue here. The mug was supposed to be a set of two, but only one came out right. The other has to be fixed, because the blue came out bad. To see more pictures of these pieces, check out my shop


  1. very cool stuff! i particularly like the glaze pattern on that mug... :)


  2. Those look great! How often are you getting a kiln done...? Oh are you sharing a kiln...that would be great takes me forever to get a kiln filled...Anyway your pieces look great!

  3. The red asymmetry on that mug is great. That is a good path to head down.