Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Journey of A Custom Order

A few weeks ago I had received a custom order. Yay! It was exciting, but I definitely underestimated the stress and time that goes into it. I was very flattered that the customer chose a piece that I already had, but just wanted it bigger. The candle holder that I had listed was to small for her choice of candles. If you had seen my older posts you know my tools of choice and are familiar with my cut-out candle holders. She wanted the same pattern as the smaller one, but because it had to be bigger, I had to slightly alter the hole pattern. The custom holder is still greenware (not fired at all).

Below you can see that the original pattern has a four hole pattern and I altered it with a five hole pattern. She wanted the opening to be 4.5" wide and the entire pot to be 4" tall.  Because clay shrinks so much, I had to make this vessel about three times to get the right dimensions with as little alterations to the original pot style.

Here you can see the difference in the two pieces. I have already sold the light blue candle holder. I think the order came out pretty well and I am eager to send the customer an update and a picture of her piece. I will post later pictures to keep you updated on the piece.

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