Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally Have Some Finished Pieces

This is just a quick update, because I will have some more pieces this Thursday. I just wanted to share a finished piece that people were eager to see (so was I!). Unfortunalty I got a few more pieces today that need some touch ups. So they won't be posted utnil next week. This blue one came out nice, but needs a touch up on the back. I love these color together. Oh yeah, and I fixed the small red bud vases. They look much better now.

This is the pot that was a lot of fun making and I couldn't wait to see finished. The one below is a little lace detailed pot that I got out today as well.

Other than that I have a full night of glazing ahead of me and touch ups. I just got done posting these and other new pots to my shop http://www.lizetpotterystudio.etsy.com/ and just sent my first submission to one of my favorite blogs! Can't wait to hear back from them.


  1. Those look great..I'm jealous that you got your glaze fire going ...great job...I'm getting there..

  2. Good luck with that submission! Crossing fingers for you! :)