Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Lid Crazy

Hello! Hello! So I just got a small part time job to make a little extra cash and since I know it might consume me a bit at first I am trying to finish up the last 10 pounds of clay I have. I have been practicing my knob throwing on lids. They look great! Most of them are in the kiln right  now (as part of the small army of honey pots I made). I have a few to share though. I am just going lidded pot crazy though. I am very happy that I am getting better at sizing them up. Before I had problems even though I used the calipers. Here are some cylinder canisters or jars I have just finished on Monday. I got some red clay on them, but its no big deal.

Here is another thing that has been on the drying table for a while. A little teapot. It is the first one I have made with an attached handle and not a cane or bamboo one. I'm not crazy about how it came out, but overall I like it.

And last are some pots that I got around to posting today. The serving bowl is my first finished Terracotta piece. I decided the "naked" natural clay needed to stay that way. Have a great weekend!

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